Lawn Care & Maintenance

Cutting grass and raking leaves may not rank high on your list of enjoyable activities. The experienced staff at Bopp will take these items and others off of your list and leave your yard looking clean and tidy.
For more than 35 years, Bopp Landscape Contracting has provided their clients the highest quality lawn care services with a keen attention to detail.
Call Bopp today at 821-2233 today to discuss your landscaping needs;

Mowing Services (Includes mowing, trimming edges and blowing grass and debris from hard surfaces like driveways)

Fertilizing (Includes 6 step program of fertilizer and weed control to keep your grass healthy and green)

Yard Renovation (May include aerating, de-thatching, soil addition, seed and straw or sod)

Fall Leaf Removal/Spring Clean Up (Includes blowing leaves and debris from lawn and beds to curb and vacuuming leaves)

Mulch Services (Includes pulling weeds, spraying weeds too small to pull, adding weed pre-emergent, and spreading mulch. Can also include adding a natural spade edge to beds)