• Irrigation systems are actually good for your home. They keep the soil next to the building from drying out, which can cause serious foundation problems.
  • Stop moving sprinklers and self-watering flowers.
  • Water more efficiently – lose less water to evaporation.
  • Relax – all of your plants and grass will get adequate water to battle the harsh St. Louis summers.

The biggest benefit to having an irrigation system installed by Bopp Landscape Contracting is improved quality of life. You will have more time to relax and do the things you want to do. And your mind will be at ease knowing that your grass and plants are getting the water they need. So call Bopp Landscape Contracting today at 314-821-2233 to get started on improving your life today.
What is an irrigation system?
The short answer – an underground water conveyance system consisting of pipes, valves and sprinkler heads.
What is the long answer?
The process begins by tapping into your water supply in your basement. A copper line is then run out of the house to a Backflow Device (more below). From the backflow device, water is directed all over the property in PVC and Poly pipe. Since the water supply can’t provide enough pressure to water a whole property at one time, areas for watering (zones) are utilized. Each zone is controlled by a low-voltage irrigation valve. Once a valve is activated by the controller (more below), it opens so that water can flow into that zone’s pipes and then to the sprinkler heads.

System components
Controller – used to set days, times, volume and duration for each zone.
Rain Sensor – turns system off while it is raining – because nobody wants to be that guy.
Backflow Device – prevents water from seeping back into public water supply.
Valve – opens when activated allowing water to an irrigation zone.
Sprinkler Head – directs water to the desired area. Can be programed to spray in 90 degree to 360 degree areas.
Spray – a type of head that sprays instead of rotates. Used primarily in gardens.
Drip Line – used instead of a head for low-growing plants that prefer ground watering to being sprayed.
Micro-Drip – used for flower and herb pots.

Annual Maintenance Program
Since we live in an area where the frost line is deeper than irrigation lines, irrigation systems must be drained each fall. Also, St. Louis County requires that the Backflow Device is inspected by a Certified Technician every year and a Passed Inspection Form with a fee must be submitted to the County. Therefore, there are three services necessary every year for irrigation systems.
Start-Up – lines are opened and filled and heads are checked so that they are spraying properly.
Backflow Inspection – a certified technician inspects the backflow device and submits the Inspection form to the County.
Shut-Down – the water is turned off and all remaining water in the pipes is forced out with air pressure.