The St. Louis region has been getting more rain in recent years. As a result, wet basement and standing water problems (old or new) are requiring attention. Bopp Landscape Contracting will come up with the best solution for your situation.

Many water problems can be solved by installing new gutters or just keeping them clean. Also, water runs through heavy clay soils in this region straight to your foundation. We recommend that every home with a basement in Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Des Peres, Ballwin, Warson Woods, Crestwood and Sunset Hills, etc. be equipped with an interior drain tile and sump pump system.

Bopp Landscape Contracting can help reduce the water access to your foundation, but a truly dry basement requires a system with adequate gutters and downspouts that direct the water far enough away from the house and an interior drain tile and sump pump system. Bopp Landscape’s role includes moving soil and burying pipes.


Erosion and settling soil are big reasons we have water issues around our homes. Bopp Landscape can move soil to fill low spots, lower high spots, smooth large areas or create berms to help eliminate standing water.  The most important thing we do is to grade the soil around the foundation to ensure that any rain water that does fall next to the house will flow away from and not to the foundation.

PVC Pipe Systems

The best way to be sure that none of the rainwater from the roof of your home ends up in your basement is with a PVC Pipe System. Bopp Landscape will direct gutter water underground with PVC pipes that expels the water at a safe distance from your house – down hill of course.


These drainage solutions normally require yard renovation when complete. Bopp Landscape has more than 35 years of creating beautiful lawns. Depending upon the budget we will seed or sod the affected areas to prevent further erosion.